I have been slacking off getting updates and so much happened. Locksley and I had a very successful CDI Grand Prix season at the incredible Global facility in Wellington Florida . We had our ups and downs but the learning curve was immeasurable and we are looking forward to doing it all again next year and compete in 2016 against our 2015 winter season. It’s been such a privilege to compete alongside some of the best in the sport and I am proud to be able to show off this incredible Trakehner owned by Meg Stevens . Thank you to Meg Stevens, Shannon Dueck, for your never ending support and Thank you Julie Ronning for coming to my rescue <3

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on August 19th, Meggie (Marguerite vom Jaegerhuegel) gave birth to three healthy baby boys. The Sire is John and Jolanta Jeanneneys stud dog Skye von Moosbach Zuzelek, and the three kids are doing well.
Their names are Archer v.d. Kristallquelle, Arrow v.d. Kristallquelle and Ajax v.d. Kristallquelle.
All boys are spoken for, and are promised to excellent tracking homes.

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Congratulations to Meg Stevens

Huge Congratulations to Meg Stevens!! Lord Locksley passed his Oldenburg inspection on friday August 9th. He then preceeded to go to Vermont Dressage days to get his Performance Gold (p*g*) scores at the Grand Prix. He is now the only licensed Trakehner Dressage Stallion titled “pg” in the US. We are SO proud of him!
Never ending Thanks to Meg Stevens, for supporting us in our journey.

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Great weekend at Puckerbrush Dressage

We had a really successful weekend at Puckerbrush Dressage. The weather held off until we where unpacked, and despite of the forecast calling for two inches of torrential downpour on Friday, the light rain we got instead stayed light and spirits stayed high. Management was excellent as usual Thank you Bryn and Jasper Walsh and Rebecca Reed!
Glenn showed 4-3 for the first time, and rocked it. He won both of his classes and We are all so proud of Samson, for becoming a team player. Dell got nervous in the increasingly slippery footing, and Celeste did an excellent piece of riding in her first ever 3-3 class, and received a first and a third. Koren and Kobe went on to finish Korens Silver Medal award, and getting half of her bronze. Five firsts our of five Classes for this team. Kim who was my first ride every day, cleaned up with six firsts out of six rides, the last ride as high as 74.5 . She is now qualified for Regional Championships in the AA Training level division and we are happy to have her and her mom Janet on the team.
Locksley won his Grand Prix on Friday , with a 64.5 and got a third with a 62.9 on Saturday. He was really really good, but having worked without mirrors for the last four month, we have slipped in the “straight” department, and will have to fix that before Vermont Dressage days.
On Sunday, Glenn and Celeste rocked it in their freestyle class. Celeste designs the music for both her second level freestyle, and Glenn’s third level freestyle and they are fantastic! Glenn received a first and Celeste a second in this freestyle class.
Thank you guys for making this a great weekend!!
Special thanks to Koren Libby, Maddy Blake and Michelle Raven, who always keep me organized so I can do my job well!!

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Catching up on old and new news….

It’s almost July, and we have yet to unpack some of the Florida boxes. (hmmm…. might as well keep them packed?!?)
What a very busy spring. At first, everyone was trying to catch up with lessons, after a cold and snowy winter and suddenly, show season has started in New England.

Sara Bradley had a very successful debut in her I2 with Baffin, who proves that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks ;o) I look forward to seeing her earn her gold medal in the Grand Prix with this horse, she has started from scratch!

Lord Locksley had a 2013 foal crop. Meg and I where pleased to have caught the interest of some very respectable ATA breeders, (Christine Gregoriou, Claudia Turner and Ute Nielsen) with excellent Trakehner mares, and the outcome was as good as it gets.
We had four beautiful fillies, and I was so impressed with the temperament and the looks and gaits of the babies, that I turned around and bred my Dutch mare Cabriolet to Locksley last week. (fingers crossed for a pregnancy)

Locksley had a clinic with Shannon Dueck , and we officially have permission to go back to the Grand Prix :)
Locksleys next two shows are Puckerbrush Dressage and Vermont Dressage Days.

Last weekend Glenn and Celeste Healey, and Kimberly Perron attended their first show of the North Summer Season at UNH and did a fantastic job! Glenn received his first two scores for his USDF Silver Medal, Kim won one of her classes and got a fifth and a qualifying score in her T-3, with scores over 70%, and Celeste rode a third level test with Rey Del Mundo and instantly came home with the third level high score of the day .
I could not be prouder!

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we made the cover of Warmbloods today

What a lovely surprise, that we made the cover of Warmbloods today! I’ll see if I get permission to post the article written inside, for the people who can not get the magazine.

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Back in Florida

We got to Loxahatchee December 1st, and have hit the ground running.
The horses love it here and are all clipped and happy to stand in front of their fans to a lovely warm breeze.
Everyone has slowly gone back to work, after a nice fall break in Maine, and all the horses are fresh and eager to make up for lost time.
Samson and Dell(Glenn and Celeste’s horses) went into the first show December 15th, and came out with four blue ribbons out of four rides.
Celeste rode a 2-3 and her very first 3-1 and did a lovely job, and Glenn had his personal best rides in 3-1 and 3-3 two weeks after appendix surgery.
Cliff is here to visit for ten days during Christmas, and Melanie Cerny is arriving in a few days, to fill the rest of my barn. I can tell it’s going to be a fun winter!
Merry Christmas to everyone, and a Happy New Year.

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What a month

What a month it has been.
On September 1st, the Healeys put on one heck of an amazing barn party for me, where over 50 dear friends and clients showed up to have a late celebration of my birthday. The sight of 50 lobsters, and 50 filets, and the most amazing assortment of foods and decorations was overwhelming. My mom who was visiting got to really enjoy herself.

On Tuesday September 11th, we packed up the horses and headed for Championships in Saugerties.
Stedemann won his open 3-1 class, on Thursday, and was fourth in his championship class 3-3 on Friday, and we all where immensely pleased with this.
Locksley got a second place in his I2 championship class on Friday, and then amazingly got a placement (6th) in his very first ever Grand Prix on Saturday.
I was tickled pink with this!!
Celeste ended up in fourth place in a large second level AA championship class, and had a fantastic ride, but really blew us all away, when she won the first level freestyle championships.
Glenn had his two personal best rides in competition, and rode a solid 3-3 Championship ride after being “in the game” only a few years, and he got a seventh place in the third level Freestyle championships with another solid ride.
I am very proud of these two, for their amazing dedication and hard work.
Sara Bradley won her I1 Freestyle championships on Baffin YAY!

Now it’s time to kick back a little, give the horses some lighter rides and down time, before the upcoming Florida season, and have some fun tracking with the dogs.

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Fun Birthday

It’s been a long week, with lots of work to do, but tonight, I got to relax with my “girls” at Koren’s house. Like every year, she cooked my Birthday dinner and as always, she did an amazing job and the food was fantastic!! It was fun to just hang out and enjoy the people I work with every day without “something to do”,
Cliff and my mom where also there, and we all had some good laughs.
Thank you Koren!!!!!!!

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Shannon clinic

My wonderful trainer Shannon Dueck came to Massachusetts last week, to work with her “regulars” and as always we had a great time. Huge Thanks to Melanie Cerny who opened her house to many guests, and whose incredible barn allows horses to relax and feel happy to be there.
Locksley worked on his Grand Prix, which is coming along nicely. We decided to enter him in the fall Saugerties for his first Grand Prix, when he will also compete in the I2 Championships.
Stedemann got to come for the outing, and was working very hard on self carriage, bend and balance.
Meg Stevens and Sandra Davis came to watch the lessons on the last day, and had a good time of it.
Here some footage of Locksleys GP work.

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